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I Hear You!

Professional Audio Expertise:

Regardless of what stage your podcast or other audio project is at, I can help relieve the technical burdens of getting your raw audio files sounding their best. Most people creating their podcasts don't want to learn audio engineering. They just want a professional show that their fans will enjoy and rave about! This is where I can help! After twenty years producing music, my background is uniquely suited to the role of audio editor and engineer. I can provide a range of services that are tailored to fit your individual project's needs. If you love podcasts as much as I do, then we are truly 'Peas in a Pod'!


Podcast Perfection


1. Audio Polish   

Getting your raw audio to shine!

'Audio polish' is the first step and an essential one. This process involves carefully listening for what needs to happen to let the content be heard best. I do this by minimizing any distracting background noises (like the sound of a barking dog or appliances in the room), reducing unwanted reverbs, and any unintended vocal sounds such as plosives and harsh sibilants.

2. Audio editing   

In with the good and out with the bad!

Even the most professional interviewers will have their gaffs on the mic and every one of us has unconscious speech habits that don't sound good on a recorded show. Here I will be removing filler words, repetitious speech, and stammers. All of this detailed work will keep the show engaging while maintaining a steady yet conversational pace between the speakers.


3. Audio arrange

Creating the 'flow' for your show!

This is where I work on the flow of the show. Application of musical elements will be a part of this process with the goal of giving your podcast the right mood and energy based on the branding strategy of your company and in some cases the content of that particular show. I also create a template during this step which can be applied to every episode moving forward.

4. Mix & Master   

Providing a professional, industry-standard finish!

Mixing and mastering is the final step. I bring together every element of the show so that it all gels into a consistent finished product for your audience to have a pleasant listening experience. 
I bring all the speakers' audio to a uniform level and use a variety of other professional audio tools to get your show ready for publishing.


5. BONUS!!            

Sound design and original scoring at your disposal!

Depending on the nature of your podcast, the musical elements of the show can be a huge part of the listener's experience. Even the most basic show benefits from having a musical theme that brings consistency to each episode and sets the tone! The process of getting the right music at the right price for your budget can be daunting! Your average audio editor won't be of much help in this department.

Because of my extensive background writing music in various genres I can provide sound design and original musical themes that take your podcast to the next level!


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